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Ms. J., age 55, Multiple sclerosis (MS)

Reaction of one 52-year-old patient became essential for further development of Cannasan®. She was completely paralysed as a result of MS (multiple sclerosis) and confined to a wheelchair since she was 32 y old. At the time she started treatment by Cannabis she was on wheelchair for 19 years. After 3 months of taking Cannabis this patient reported that she started feeling pain in legs and she was able to partly move one hand. She consulted her status with the neurologist, who examined her and confirmed improvement, so we continued in treatment. After 6 months of use of Cannasan® neurological examination was performed again and as an outcome the patient was recommended for 3 weeks physiotherapy at a specialized health care facility. Currently she is able to do a simple work at home – housekeeping, cooking, laundry. Moreover she uses a stationary bicycle on daily bases and she makes approx. 20 km in an hour and twenty minutes!

Ms. M., age 67, Stroke

A similar effect was also seen in a patient after stroke. This fully paralyzed bedridden patient was transferred to home treatment after three years in a long-term health care facility, without any positive prognoses. Her weight was just 48 kg at the age of 64 and perspective of her life was 2 months at most, as estimated by her doctors. Since the patient suffered from persistent constipation, Cannasan® was given to her along with a mixed diet through a stomach probe. Regular administration of Cannasan® resulted in a significant improvement in her health condition, which began to be manifested by eye contact with the family, and gradually new partial reactions started occurring. Her weight increased from 48 to 54 kg after 12 months of Cannabis use. A patient who was completely paralyzed, totally apathetic and unable to communicate became a lady who can speak briefly, has a joyful look in her eyes, and moves her hands and legs. The family evaluates her health status as significantly improved.

Objectively, biochemical examination of blood of this patient has been done, with excellent results. Since her attending physician could not believe in the results at first, the test was repeated with the same outcome. Before Cannasan® treatment, condition of the patient required home visit and help of a charity worker twice a week. Currently, after 3 years of treatment, the worker goes to check the patient’s condition only once a month.

Pavlína, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

I started using Cannasan in connection with problems I had with an upper limb nerve – the carpal tunnel syndrome. My difficulties were associated with my occupation and I started having them already when I was 23 years old. Some 2 years ago, I visited a specialist. This was followed by several examinations, medication, but no results. I still felt pain in my hands and the sensation loss deteriorated. I was very upset at that point. Later on, I learned about much more attractive treatment than excess medication. And I have been extremely excited about the results. Already after one week of using the preparation, I felt enormously energized and what is more, my pains and sleepless nights were gone. Also, the quality of my skin, hair and nails has improved.

Šárka, Concentration Difficulties and Mood Swings

I started using Cannasan because I was curious. After few days, I started feeling happier and full of energy. Suddenly, I was able to manage all my commitments with zest. My ability to focus also improved and my mood swings and sleeplessness disappeared. Moreover, my digestion was better, I lost weight and my hair and nails started to grow faster. I also got better skin. I definitely recommend Cannasan to all sportsmen for better muscle recovery following.