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Presentation by Ing. František Bednařík from Cannafest can be found on the following link VÚ Cannasan – Cannafest 2019 final

Conferences for English speaking visitors

Cannabis Phytotherapy in Human and Veterinary Medicine, Demystifying cannabis, Ljubljana

At the present time the cultivars of hemp with a higher THC content are used for treatment in the humane medicine. However a high THC content in these breeds limits the number if patients under treatment due to its psychogonical effects. The breeds with a low THC content, i. e. up to 0.2% THC in the dry matter are used for pharmaceutical industry for the production of CBD eventually CBG. The goal of the development was to find out the possibilities of the use of the breeds with a low THC content for the treatment of various illnesses. A completely new procedure to process the sown hemp for the curative purpose was developed in 2015. This way of treatment by hemp was applied at a vast pool of patients with various diagnoses. The results denote an extraordinary potential of the use of breeds of sown hemp with the low THC content in the humane medicine.

Cannabis Phytotherapy in Human and Veterinary Medicine, Cannafest 2017, Prague

Whole Cannafest 2017 conference could be watched on following website (including presentation infographic) – watch here.