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Our formulas are designed in a way which endows them not only with a palliative but also with a significant curative effect. We explore roots of a health problem and subsequently work at the base level when looking for remedies.

Ointments and Creams
We develop our own formulas and explore their effects in curing arthrosis-associated joint pain, joint inflammation, various skin diseases, psoriasis, acne, eczema, seborrhoea etc.

Food supplements
We develop formulas and focus on in-depth herbal medicine research which is based on hemp and curative plants. The food supplements are intended to support treatment of various diseases.

Oil-based lubricating emulsions
We develop formulas and focus on in-depth research of oil-based preparations which boost the curative effect of the food supplements.


We transfer our experience from the area of human medicine to veterinary medicine. With veterinary patients we deal with: constipation (dogs, iguanas, tortoises etc.), type II diabetes, help with metabolic problems, post-traumatic states (accelerating the skeleton-healing, skin-healing and burn-healing process etc.) solving neurological problem cause by patients’ age or injury (joint arthrosis).

Domestic animals
We significantly help animals with their neurological problems associated with exhibitions, travelling or temporary placement in dog-hotels. Selected veterinary patients were subjected to repeated x-rays of their joint arthrosis. Subsequently, it was possible to objectively evaluate their condition following the administration of the preparation.

Breeding animals
We conduct research in the area of veterinary reproductive medicine. Research in this brand new area and its use appears to be very promising.

ZOO animals
In connection with the veterinary use, we cooperate with several ZOOs where we confirm the effects of our preparations on a wide scale of animals. Our patients are for example the brown bear, the red panda, a lemur, iguanas, tortoises, the snow leopard, parrots, chinchillas, guinea pigs, rare rabbit breeds etc.


Soil fund protection
We focus on soil fertility increase through biological methods. We design anti-erosion measures to protect the topsoil.

Curative plants
We focus on seed production and growing of curative plants.

Trees and bushes
We conduct applied research in the area of tree- and bush-seed production. Moreover, we grow seedling material.


We were featured in magazine Legalizace no. 47/2017
The article contains selected case studies from the area of veterinary medicine from years 2016 and 2017. It is accessible under the following link (in Czech).