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5-7.11.2021 CANNAFEST 2021
You have the opportunity to meet us at this year’s CANNAFEST, we invite all our supporters, patients and the general public! More information here.

15.12.2020 The Cannasan Research Institute has established cooperation with Lesy ČR
Our institute was actively involved in solving the restoration of the forest after the bark beetle calamity. In the autumn of 2020, we delivered heartwood linden seeds for the Czech Republic, for the entire Czech Republic, prepared according to our patented method.

4.6.2020 Interview for the program Apetýt na ČRo
Listen to 4.6.2020 from 10:04 interview with Ing. František Bednařík in the program Apetýt na vlnách Czech Radio https://zlin.rozhlas.cz/program#/2020-06-04
František Bednařík enjoyed researching edible mushrooms, germinating forest tree seeds and growing medicinal herbs for years. After a serious traffic accident, when he could practically not move, an offer came to examine cannabis at the Cannasan research institute in Slušovice, which he nodded at. And it was a happy decision. Addictive cannabis extracts put him on his feet and help other patients and animals with him. Moderated by Andrea Kratinová.

4/20/2020 Interview on Radio Svobodný vysílač
Already today at 18.00 on the radio Slobodný vysielač interview with Ing. František Bednařík and Prof. Lumír Hanuš on the topic of Cannabis as one of the tools for increasing immunity.

17.1.2020 Czech Radio, Day in the Zlín Region treatment and cannabis
On the Czech Radio website, you can listen to the interview Day in the Zlín Region – Treatment and Cannabis with František Bednařík from the Cannasan Research Institute and diabetologist and internist from the Medical House in Zlín Emil Záhumenský.

You can find us at Cannafest November 1-3, 2019, more at http://www.cannafest.com
Lecture by Ing. František Bednařík at a professional conference within Cannafest on Saturday, November 2, 2019 at 12:30 p.m.